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Industrial Electric Power Box
Power Sub Station
Electrician Testing Electric Power
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• IT Facilities
• Data Centers
• Manufacturing Units
• Commercial Buildings
• Substations
• Transformers
• High Voltage Wiring
• Power Audits
• Grounding Audits
• Expert Troubleshooting

Ambient Electrical Noise

Ambient electrical noise occurs when undesirable electrical signals interfere with an original signal. Harm can be done to manufacturing machinery, digital, electronic and electrical equipment.  Hein Lighting & Electric provides protection to your system by reducing the amount of electrical noise and the costs associated with them.  

If you're hearing electrical noise, call us so we can help you identify the cause of the problem. 
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Electric panel box
Electrical storm, lightening striking.

Are You Grounded?

Damage to your equipment and infrastructure can be caused by lightning strikes, static discharge, abnormal electrical currents, short circuits, grounding faults and more.  The electricians at Hein Lighting & Electric provide complete electrical grounding and safety audits, which can reduce the probability of injury and revenue loss caused by equipment damage.

Spending too much
money on electricity?

Call us to perform an electrical audit.  We will help you develop an energy management program and may be able to to help you lower your electric bills and maintenance costs.  
Save money on your electricity bill
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